Support India with the COVID crisis

Unite4India is a campaign to support India with the COVID crisis.


By December 2021, we aim to raise 1.25 million USD with an initial raise of

250,ooo USD to be used to source and deliver acute needs and resources: oxygen concentrators & tanks


pulse oximeters and PPE


We will collect & deploy resources to India through vetted organizations and partners in our established supply chain.


After funding acute resources, donations will be used to develop and establish Telehealth to support the healthcare infrastructure in India.

100% of donations to the Sadanah Foundations will go to India.






The Sadanah Foundation aims to build sustainable access to health care and education in low resource settings, by identifying, funding, and promoting grassroots organizations.

Our Impact

200 oxygen concentrators to multiple private hospitals in  Andhra, Telangana, & Tamil Nadu

Trans Community in Chennai survive with food and essentials

50 oxygen concentrators en route to the Red Cross 

On the Ground

Fostering intersectoral collaboration among youth and improving health of the society together

As doctors and medical students, we understand our duty in the crisis with our community. We have initiated a COVID-19 helpline where our volunteers are working around the clock to answer questions from the community. The next step is to source and donate ventilators to hospitals.

We hope you join us in our intiative.

Vetted Organizations

Save Indian Trans Lives: COVID Relief

The funds donated through this campaign will help cover their food supplies. Each food kit includes 2 kgs of rice, 1 kg of lentils, cooking oil, sugar, salt, chili powder, tea powder, turmeric and also includes a portion of jaggery, dry ginger powder, coriander seeds & Indian mint. Our sanitary preventative kits include Zinda Talismath/Amrutanjan along with hand sanitizers, masks, and vitamin C OTC tablets. These distributions are already happening across 6 locations for 5 organizations in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and West Bengal. 


My motherland is being engulfed by #Covid and will impact the lives of a Billion people at some level. It is a #humanitariancrisis that must be addressed immediately. We have a responsibility to look after one another as a community. 

Yes, Covid has touched my family as well. Anyways, I have been working with volunteers on the ground nonstop for the last 14 days, ensuring supplies and resources reach people. Now I need your help from here. 

If you are in USA, Buy a scarf for yourself or your loved one for $25. That's all. I will ship it to you for free. 

Help me mask up 10,000 front line workers with 3-layer cotton masks. Buy a scarf and that will fund 10 handstitched cotton masks made in India and distributed widely through volunteers.

I have donated 2000 handcrafted scarves to make this massive endeavor possible. I am sorry I can't take pictures of all scarves right now. 

All are designed in-house, are sustainably made and fabric will be silk / cotton/ wool/ viscose. I will randomly select scarves and send them to you. If you have a preference for color or fabric, please mention it in your order. I will do my best to get you that. Will update you as we get masks made and distribute them through volunteers on the ground. 

All masks will be made by various groups and organizations who have been impacted severely by the crisis and need money to feed themselves. All masks will be made under strict guidelines and 3 LAYERS not 3-ply. 

Thank You.
Sushmita Poddar
Please message me if you have any questions. 

Thank you for continuing to support India and reaching out to each other during this difficult time for all. When life is hard, the one thing that helps us through is to know we are not alone and the people around us have our back. 

If you have products that you want to donate for this cause, please do get in touch. 

Picture of cremation & truck driver: Courtesy Google
Picture of scarves: Shop Amrapali

TIPS Will Go Towards Buying Sanitizers!!!

In the News


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1. Sourcing. We identify high-quality grassroots organizations through personal relationships, colleagues in academia and health care on the ground in India. We ask potential partner organizations to  articulate their needs, activities, goals, and projected costs. 

2. Fundraising. We raise funds to support our partners via targeted outreach to sympathetic donors. We inspire compassion by sharing our partners’ stories and by creating experiences that bridge understanding between donors and beneficiaries. 

3. Distribution. We distribute funds to our partners on the basis of need and potential impact. We provide earmarked financial packages to partners for specific initiatives and projects.

4. Oversight. To ensure efficient use of funds, we expect interim updates from our partners on the status of projects and expenditures. 

5. Promotion. We publicize the work of our partners via several channels including popular media, social media, and live events. 

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