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Sadanah Foundation

As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.

We need not wait to see what others do. 

-Mahatma Gandhi


The Sadanah Foundation builds sustainable access to health care and education in low resource settings, by vetting, funding, and promoting grassroots organizations.

Healthcare: a human right or a privilege ?

Healthcare around the world is efficiently inefficient.

The dominant burden of health problems is being endured by marginalized and vulnerable groups in societies.

Every individual has the right to access to healthcare and education. 


In education lies the solution to not only improving healthcare and health itself, but also improving the socioeconomic status and the resilience of vulnerable populations and societies in any low or high resource area.

Support India through the COVID crisis

Unite4India is a campaign by the Sadanah Foundation and the World Youth Heart Federation to support India during and in the aftermath of the COVID crisis.

By December 2021, the aim is to raise 1.5 million USD for Unite4India, with the objective to scale donations to 10 million USD.


The initial 1.5 million USD will be channeled towards addressing acute needs and resources such as oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters, etcetera, during this critical time for India.


We are collecting & deploying resources to India through previously vetted impact partnerships in our network.  With our partner, World Youth Heart Federation, we have over 5,000 medical students, ready for deployment, across India for delivery of supplies.


After provisioning funds for acute resources, donations will be used to develop and support a Telehealth System to aid the overwhelmed healthcare infrastructure and offer micro-grants to aid a wider scope of vulnerable and marginalized communities.


100% of donations to the Sadanah Foundations will go to India.


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